Our Sample applications

Look at our sample applications that we built so far for different business industries on different platforms. We will keep on updating this page with more samples

Zoho Odoo sample applications


Drivers Application
Inventory Management Application
Make My Booking Application
Tab bar sample application
Website view sample application
Submit form sample application
Profile page sample application
Newsfeed sample application
Alert or Modal sample application
Login Screen sample application
Image Gallery sample application
Ecommerce page sample application
Card view with divider and section sample application
Schooling Application
Case Management Application
Draken Portal Application
Data Entry And Management Application
Class Management System Application
Catering Application
Cab Booking Application
Bin Order Management Application
Billing Application
Beneficiary Health Care Application
County Animal Control Application
Construction Application
Child Creche Application
Contact View sample page application
Card View sample application
Clipboard view samplecapplication
Field Service Manager Application
Customer Self Serve Ordering System
Business Clients Control
Equipment Contact Manager
B2B Software-as-a-Service Sales Process
Certification Register
Accountability software
ADI Zoho Office Automation
Daily Log Application
Diamond Risk Evaluation
Booking Meeting Room
Checkin Checkout sample application
Timesheet sample application
Education in USA sample application
US address verifier using usps API in Zoho Creator
Get Japanese Address from post code using Zoho Creator Deluge
Gmail attachments -> GDrive -> Zoho Creator
Zoho Creator and Leaflet Maps Integration
Zoho and Quickbooks Integration
Zoho and Xero Integration
Zoho CRM and Right signature Integration
Affiliate Lead Tracking
Entertainer Booking System