zoho and xero

Zoho and Xero Integration

We have integrated Xero accounting software with Zoho Creator. This means Xero can be integrated with other Zoho services as well. We have a blog post explaining the details at http://www.aorborc.com/xero-zoho-integration-a-guide-for-developers-part1/

Xero Accounting Software

-> https://www.xero.com

Xero.com allows you to automate your accounting process and minimize manual work.

Zoho Creator

-> zoho.com/creator

Zoho Creator is a beautiful business application development tool. It helps you create software applications in minutes.

One of our clients wanted to integrate Xero accounting software with Zoho Creator. We have created/updated Contacts and Invoices modules in Xero.

We wrote a php wrapper to handle the authentication on Xero.

Technical Notes : (For developers)

-> https://www.zoho.com/creator/help/api/
-> http://www.aorborc.com/xero-zoho-integration-a-guide-for-developers-part1/

We will be happy to share our sample code if you are looking to integrate these two services. Contact us for more help.

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